Met Gala Best Dressed 2018

Met Gala Best Dressed 2018

The Met Gala is the most extravagant event on the fashion calendar every year. To get invited to this event is a huge honor, and quite hard. But, once you are invited to the event it doesn’t stop there. What you wear to the Met Gala is the most important, because if it’s magnificent you’ll be the talk of the year, and we can say the same if you’re not. Every year there tends to be a few that gravitate towards the mermaid skin tight dresses, but we can’t focus on the negative when we have guests showing up in extravagant gowns and headpieces. The guests that dress to the theme truly take the event to another level, and I enjoy looking at the outfits every year.

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Best Dressed Women of the Bachelor Season 23 Night One

First impressions are everything, and on The Bachelor they don’t take it lightly. Not only is it about what you’re going to do when you get out of that limo for the first time, but it’s also about what you’re wearing. On last nights season premiere of The Bachelor, Colton was seen complimenting quite a few of the women’s dresses. Keep on Reading!

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