MᶜKenna in Manhattan

Dressing for The New Normal

There’s no denying that the effects of COVID-19 are going to, and already are, hitting the fashion industry hard. Not only have consumer’s buying habits changed due to the lockdown, once we all start going outside again I truly believe things are going to be different, and some things forever. While we may need to, […]

The New American Bar in Greenwich Village

Does everyone have a list of restaurants they must dine at, at least once, in their phone notes?! I know it can’t just be me. Ever since I’ve been immersing myself a bit more into the restaurant scene I’ve been curating a very long list of restaurants to grab a bite to eat at, and […]

A Saturday Uptown

The first weekend of March called for a trip uptown this past Saturday. I had a wonderful day and stopped by Ralph’s Coffee to start. I’ve said it many times before but I’ll say it again, this store is a dream. The last time I visited was during the holidays and then for the first […]

I’m Officially Declaring it Spring

Since the weather has been so lovely this past week in the city I can’t help but be in full on spring mode. I’ve been dressing springy all week, and I just received my Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette and I’ve been using super fun colors for eyeshadow. Below I’m wearing shade What’s […]

A Friday Night at the MoMa

Wow was I wrong when I thought that a Friday night at the museum would be quiet! Little did I know that the MoMa offers free admission on Fridays from 5:30 to 9:30pm. It was a bit overwhelming to visit with so many people, but I still enjoyed the art and got to see some […]

Signs of Spring in The West Village and Pretty Lace Pieces

It’s no surprise that I love flowers, and with March right around the corner I’ve been waiting for they city to start showing early signs of Spring. This past weekend in the West Village I came across so many flowers and I was so happy.

Mermaid Inspired Colors

This Michael Kors coat that I’ve had for years has been a long favorite of mine. Every winter season I get so excited to break it out, and now that I have added a new hot pink one this year as well, I secretly don’t want coat weather to go away just yet.

“Lost and Found” by Bruce Gilden Art Gallery

Downtown at Seaport there is this super funky store 10 Corse Como that I’ve been wanting to go in for forever and finally did. The store has everything from home decor to coffee table books (which I did in fact spend 45 minutes looking at) to skin care, along with beautiful clothes and accessories. The […]

A Stroll in Soho

The greatest thing about New York City is without even a plan, you can head out for the day and stroll through a neighborhood and find so many cool things to do. I love walking around the city on the weekends, even if it’s only for a few hours! This past Saturday my friend and […]

Saturday at The Met: “The Sandy Schreier Collection”

I’ve lived in New York City for a year now and I’ve only been to The Met one time, which was for the Camp exhibition. I guess it’s because I find it’s always packed with tourists, so I’ve found so many other non-touristy things to do. BUT, last Saturday I visited because I wanted to […]

Socks and Mary Jane’s

I love a high sock and heel moment. First, I absolutely love these shoes. I first discovered the John Fluevog brand when as I was strolling through Soho one Saturday afternoon with my friends. The interior of the store, along with the set up of the funky shoes, immediately caught my attention and I had […]

It’s Christmas in Greenwich Village

Christmas has finally arrived here in Manhattan, and Greenwich Village is decked out. The military coat I’m wearing is from Zara last year, and I absolutely love it. Now every year I look forward to taking it out during the holidays because I think it’s the epitome of a Christmas coat! My Meme gave me […]

Burgundy, a Lovely Color for Autumn

Burgundy is a lovely shade to wear in the fall, and pairs so well with both browns and blacks, the basis of my autumn wardrobe. This coat that I’ve had for a year now was the perfect match to my Nars lip pigment in shade Warm Leatherette. This lip color is beautiful, and it lasts […]

Equestrian Style in the Meatpacking District

For an autumn day in the Meatpacking District I was inspired by equestrian style. I love the preppy aesthetic that comes with it, and I’ve always wanted to go horseback riding in a full ensemble from Ralph Lauren, but this will have to due for now. I wore an old plaid blouse from Zara that’s […]

Bon Appétit, New York City

Bon appétit, New York City. In the past few months I’ve tried quite a few more restaurants and bakeries in Manhattan, and why keep them a secret when I can share them with you all.

Casual Sunday Style

I’m starting to cherish my Sunday’s more and more. As it’s a time to relax, but also catch up with yourself and prepare for the week ahead. Life is crazy and during the weeks I catch myself just going throughout the day, rushing around and not really thinking or letting myself just be for a […]

Autumn in Central Park

As we near closer to Thanksgiving the foliage is at its peak here in New York City. The weather is quickly getting cooler, and here in the city the holiday markets have already begun. Before I fully jump into the holiday festivities, I couldn’t skip out on sharing my photos from this past October in Central Park. […]

A Classic Purple and Red Autumn Look

A purple and red combination is one of my all time favorites. The deep purple and bright red make for the best autumn combination when you’re not feeling the tans, browns, oranges, and greens.

An Uptown Coffee Escape

I finally made my way to Ralph’s Coffee uptown on 888 Madison Avenue. The coffee shop is exquisite looking. The chandeliers, smell of coffee, and beautiful green colored floral walls make for a perfect weekend first stop before you start your day.

Here’s to Preppy Fall Looks

No season could ever top fall. After a hot summer, there’s nothing better than the change of seasons, feeling like there is a fresh start. The air is cool, and Autumn colors start to bloom.

New York, I Love You

My first six months of living in New York City were fabulous. I’m home for the summer, and I’m already missing the big city. I love being able to get up in the morning, put on a great outfit, walk out the door and just explore. Whether it’s dining at Sarabeth’s for brunch, reading in […]

What to do in New York City, by Yourself

New York City is one of the most populated places in the world, and it’s one of the most loneliest ones as well. It’s very easy to feel lonely although your surrounded by so many people constantly. For me, coming to the city and knowing this was comforting, because in a city there is so […]

How I Style a Blazer for Spring

I love to take a classic blazer that would normally be worn with suit pants and style it with dresses. I’m especially loving throwing on a blazer and wrapping a belt around my waist and wearing it like that. It’s a fun and different twist to the classic look.

A Perfect Place to Brunch

Brunch in New York City is not you’re average brunch, and you shouldn’t treat it that way either. There’s nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday, waking up to it being sunny and 65, and stepping out on the streets to head to brunch at Sarabeth’s. With their five locations in NYC it’s a […]

Stripe Pants // A Fun Way to Change Up Your Looks

As March comes to an end and spring is right around the corner, I tend to get most creative with my looks since at this point I am tired of my winter wardrobe. These stripe pants are a super fun way to make any look unique. I could have worn simple black pants or jeans, […]


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