A Sweater Vest I love

A Sweater Vest I love

I’ve always loved the Kate Spade brand. Especially with their newest collection for Spring/Summer launching in the stores just about two weeks ago, being in NYC I had to go check it out. I wrote about the new collection and campaign here. Everything is girly & floral & whimsical, and I couldn’t resist getting this sweater vest.  Keep on Reading!

Inspiration for a Classic Look

Inspiration for a Classic Look

I was going through my closet today looking for something new to share but I didn’t really love any of the looks that I was putting together; which sparked some inspiration. You may not see it on Instagram very often, but I do re-wear pieces ALL the time. I don’t like sharing pieces that I can’t find online all the time because I like to share things that people can buy if they love. I know the frustration of seeing a piece that you love on Instagram or a blog, but can’t get because it’s sold out.

But, even though you can’t buy the exact piece that I’m wearing in this look, you can find inspiration for a look that you can recreate with your own wardrobe! I’m always going through other influencers blogs or Instagrams looking for inspiration for a new outfit whether it be the colors or style. Finding inspiration and creating a new version that’s more you is so fun.




Today’s color combo is the classic black and white, with mixes of neutral colors. I love adding belts to a-line dresses because it creates a more defined waistline and makes for a feminine look.




Bag // Similar Sunglasses

Thanks for reading, Xoxo MRJ

High School Graduation

High School Graduation

It’s been a crazy week! I had my senior prom, high school graduation, 18th birthday, and I just finally got my license today!

I’ve been waiting for my high school graduation for a very long time, it was such a fun day and I’m now finally onto bigger and better things. High school wasn’t the greatest time for me, but I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned now that it’s over. Now it’s  time to get ready for college in the fall!

The second I saw this Gal Meets Glam dress months ago when it was previewed before the collection dropped I knew this was the dress I wanted for graduation. So, when the collection dropped I instantly bought this dress, named Lillian, and I love it so much. Not only does it come from my favorite blogger, it is great quality and I’ll definitely be purchasing more of her dresses! It also came in record breaking time, I ordered it on a Friday and I got it the following Monday; I wasn’t expecting it to come so soon so it was a great surprise. I love the neckline because it’s so flattering, and the tie bow waist is so cute and girly!

My earrings I found at TJ Maxx on sale, I knew they would be a perfect match for this dress when I saw them! My wedges are from a couple years ago; I actually bought other shoes to wear with this dress but I got super bad blisters on the back of my ankles from my prom shoes so I couldn’t wear them 🙁 These wedges match just as good and I love the wooden wedge look.

Down below are some photos from graduation, but before that I wanted to quickly thank some important people in my life who I wouldn’t have been able to survive high school without. My best friend Megan has been the only friend to stick by my side and I can’t even explain how grateful I am for her and our friendship. My Meme and Pepe always were there for me and always gave me rides whenever I needed them, and I’m extremely grateful for them. My brother and sister have stood by me through all of it, and have accepted me for the person I am from the beginning; which is something hard to find in today’s judgmental world. Finally, my mom and dad have given me the best guidance and have stuck by my side all throughout these crazy past four years. My mom is my best friend and biggest supporter in life and I truly wouldn’t be able to live without her. During high school I can’t say it was easy having different interests than other people, but my best advice is to always stay true to yourself no matter what others are doing, and to also believe that everything happens for a reason.


Gal Meets Glam Dress



P.S And always a shout out to my furry best friend forever Happy, who’s been with me since kindergarten!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

My Senior Prom

My Senior Prom

This past Tuesday I went to my senior prom! I had so much fun, and I was(and still am) in love with my dress. If anyone is interested, it’s from the new Sherri Hill Spring 2018 line and it’s style number 51801. I accessorized it with a clutch, ring, bracelets, and statement earrings. I got my earrings and bracelets from TJ Maxx, on the sale rack!! I was so surprised and happy that I found the perfect earrings and bracelets at such a good price. I got my ring from a boutique in Newburyport. I really recommend if you have a prom or special event coming up to look to your local boutiques first because you can find really unique pieces! My ring was so cute and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I got my hair done by Erin at Salon Beau in Andover and I’m so happy with how it turned out! She did such a nice job and it was exactly the look I was going for. She pulled back one of the sides with a cute circle sparkly clip, and it stayed the whole night! It was sooo hot on this day but my hair stayed put the entire time, and my hair usually never does! My makeup came out fantastic, I got it done by my cousins girlfriend Jess! I usually am one not to like makeup on my face, but I loved this look so much. It completed my entire prom look and stayed even when I was sweating!



Here are some photos of my friends and I, I went to prom by myself but still had a great time and I wish I could go back to this night! We all danced the night away


Thanks for reading! Xoxo

Dobby Frill Midi Dress

Dobby Frill Midi Dress


Dress // Earrings // Shoes(Similar) 

I’m in love with this dress! I’ve never seen a dress before with this unique material and details to it. The one shoulder with the ruffle overlay is so flattering! The asymmetric fit and ruffles at the bottom make it so chic and perfect for any event for a girly girl. Not only is this dress unique and cute, but it’s also so comfortable! Like the dress that I shared in this post the other day, this midi dress is also from Asos. I’m telling you, they have the best midi dresses right now!

My earrings are from Francesca’s, which is a store I always look to for unique and affordable statement earrings. I love the shape of them and the rainbow colored tassels at the end of them. They matched perfectly with this dress and my shoes! I got these shoes from the Bobbles and Lace blowout sale months ago, so they don’t have them anymore, but I linked a similar pair above.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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