About McKenna


Hi everyone, my name is McKenna Ramona Jennings! I love everything classy, feminine, and stylish.

When I started to wear the clothes I wanted to, I never looked back. Fashion and having your own personal style can be so empowering, and I hope one day everyone can wear the clothes they love confidently. After I found my personal style I decided to make this blog-a space for me to share my perspective on fashion, and also grow my style! It has changed so much since I started.

It took me a long time to get where I am today in terms of being confident in the clothes that I WANT to wear, not just what other people want me to wear. It can be hard to go against the status-quo and wearing the pieces you actually like, but once you do I promise it makes a world of a difference. Wearing a powerful outfit can instantly change your mood. My goal is for everyone reading my blog to leave with some inspiration- to go and buy a new statement print, try out new colors, and even better, be confident in the clothes that you want to wear.

Thank you for reading my blog, XOXO McKenna Ramona Jennings