Veils Aren’t Just for Brides or The Royals- You Can Wear Them Too

Veils Aren’t Just for Brides or  The Royals- You Can Wear Them Too

Other than looking at vintage photographs from fashion magazines or looking at the recent collections of my favorite, go-to brands such as Ralph Lauren, Chanel, or Miu Miu, I’m avidly scrolling through Pinterest for fashion inspiration. My favorite find that I most recently came across are veils, but not just for brides.

I’ve seen Marc Jacobs do the veil with a headband or hat a few times and always meant to add it to my list of pieces I wanted to try out, but it slipped my mind until recently. Scrolling through Pinterest I found a fabulous photo of a woman wearing a headband veil and I just had to get my hands on one, and ended up picking a simple black velvet one at Amazon for under $15. I can’t wait to get back to New York City, when safe, and wear this for my first night out to dinner. I’m imagining Polo Bar, if I can manage to get that coveted reservation, paired with a simple black dress and heels with a red lip. Classic.


Special Raffia Straw Fascinators/Tea Party Hats 

Black Beret with Veil from Etsy // MIMOKI Aloe

As I searched for more photographs for inspiration I found boater hats in a sharp white and one in a wine red perfect for Autumn. If you’re looking to wear one now, here are options in a beret or boater style in raffia, which is so chic for summer.

Veil Hat

Bronté Ceremonial Hat

Emerald Green Vintage style 1950s // Wool With Bowknot Hat

Beret veil

Brothers and Sisters Straw Beret with Veil

Where do you wear this fabulous accessory you ask? I’d save the black headband and hat veils for night, but I do think that you can get away with wearing a black hat with veil during the day if your outfit is colorful. Colors like blues, reds, and pinks are perfect for day.

I love a good accessory and when I come across one I love, I will either search the entire Internet that minute to find a similar piece, or add it to my list of accessories I need. I often find the pieces on Etsy, Amazon, or a vintage online shop. Here are some photographs that I found that gave me inspiration!

Veil Fascinators and hat

The top left is vintage Balmain from the 1950’s, it’s my favorite. I love the thick rim and top hat.

Xoxo, MᶜKenna Ramona Jennings

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