The Chanel Cruise 2020/2021 Collection

The Chanel Cruise 2020/2021 Collection

As the music and visuals started for the Chanel Cruise 2020/21 collection on IGTV, I for a second deemed this to be a fantastic collection for Virginie Viard. The music was divine, Time by Arca, and for a virtual show I knew I couldn’t be too picky of the set especially given it’s the first digital show for Chanel in history (but still, it’s Chanel..) But further in I began to notice an unfortunate tale of too much denim that Chanel does not need, and triangle bags that have Karl and Coco turning. 

The late Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel was innovative, colorful, and exciting. Maybe I don’t want to see Chanel other than the over-the-top way Karl portrayed it, but even so I still have an appreciation for simplicity and elegance. Viard noted that the collection was completed in three weeks and with fabrics they already had, and that the plan was to have it be a simple one as if you were packing one bag in setting off to Capri (Capri was where the show was intended to take place back in early May.)

Photography by Julien Martinez Leclerc

I love the Mary Jane flats, and the white set with black piping is chic and sharp. I love the purple tweed suit, but it is just a bit boring, and I don’t like the fabric overlay in the skirt; it’s not flattering and draws too much attention.

The collection features faded flared jeans with side cotton panels printed with the camellia flower and CC logo. Tweed suits paired with sequin bikini tops and belly chains came across the screen in a sunset or terrace setting; I see the 60’s Hollywood vibe. Triangle shaped bags were carried, but I am not a huge fan of this shape for the Chanel brand and the shag grid is just eh.

The sunglasses with the visor attachment was not a favorite. The maxi skirts can be worn as dresses, which I think is a great concept with people buying less nowadays. I admire the coral and dusty pink hues of the silk short suits. There is a sense of luxury in them that I don’t see throughout the entire collection, so these happen to be my favorites.

Photography by Julien Martinez Leclerc

Virginie did a wonderful job with re-imagining the little black dress, as this is a staple for the brand. I love the halter top and asymmetrical hem; it’s a very elegant piece. But looking through the collection as a whole I can’t help but wonder if Virginie is slightly trying to attract a different crowd, may I say, the young influencer population? The CC logo slides are a huge indicator of this, and in many of the looks there’s crop tops and lots of skin showing. Not that there is anything wrong with showing skin, but the pieces don’t remind me of the Chanel target demographic.

Chanel Cruise

Photography by Julien Martinez Leclerc

Photography by Julien Martinez Leclerc

The look on the left is a huge no. I do like the left look, but think it could do without the cuffs as it looks harsh. I love the length of the shorts but would’ve liked in a different fabric. Also, the bandana belt?

It all seemed very out of touch given the climate that the world is in today. Many brands opted out of doing a show virtually and are just sending the images to their stores and retailers. I feel with Chanel the team could’ve successfully skipped out on a virtual show for Cruise 2021. Given that Chanel’s customers are even being affected by this pandemic and the social movement, you would expect for the brand to include a statement. Chanel is taking from the past and trying to push it out for longer regarding being an escape from the real world which may in the long run end poorly. Consumers aren’t just looking for pretty clothes, they want the brands they’re shopping from to be active in what’s going on in the world, not just post a series of black squares on Instagram. I’m also looking for size inclusion throughout the collections. It’s 2020!

The world is falling apart, and the fashion industry is expecting brands of all sizes to speak on the matters and adapt. I look forward to Chanel’s collections the most every season, maybe the next will hit the right spot.

View the entire ‘Balade
en Méditerranée’ collection here.

Xoxo, MᶜKenna Ramona Jennings

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