A Look Inside Alina Cho’s Apartment Overlooking Central Park

A Look Inside Alina Cho’s Apartment Overlooking Central Park

An apartment overlooking Central Park? Count me in. Alina Cho’s New York City home is filled with colors and bold prints, incredible art, and it fits right in with her motto “I love to be happy, and I want to be surrounded by things that make me happy” stated in her interview for Elle Decor back in 2018. I couldn’t agree more. PS: The apartment is also pre-war (screams of excitement.)

As more and more apartments are looking a bit too modern for my taste, Cho’s space is a breath of fresh air.

Alina Cho is a very well-known fashion journalist. She used to be the host of CNN’s “Fashion:Backstage Pass”, and currently an Editor at Large for Ballantine Bantam Dell as well as the host for The Atelier with Alina Cho at The Metropolitan Museum of Art; in conclusion, Alina’s a force in the fashion industry. I can’t believe I hadn’t come across photo’s of her apartment until recently. Alina has exquisite, fun taste when it comes to dressing, so it doesn’t surprise me that her apartment is an exact reflection of that.

Photo by Douglas Friedman

Vases: Left- Paul Arnhold, other two are from Frette. Mirror: Liz O’Brien.

1 // 2 // 3

The light pink wall color is so pretty and as you’ll see below, goes so nicely with the decor she has. The vases are unique and I love that she chose different shapes. I’m not sure if those magazines are Alina’s and if they are usually placed like that, but I now know what I’m going to do with all my magazines once I have my own apartment! Fireplace it is.

Wall color: Little Piggy by Benjamin Moore

Celing Color: Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore

Photo by Douglas Friedman

The zebra armchairs are eclectic! We also get a peak of the wonderful view overlooking Central Park through the living room. The large photograph in the dining room is by Marilyn Minter. The chairs give off a futuristic vibe which is a nice touch, and I’m a huge fan of the tablecloth that happens to be custommade from a Ralph Lauren fabric, of course!

For more details on where the pieces are from read the full article here over on Elle Decor.

Liz O’Brien Urn Lamp

For more photographs of Alina’s home read the full article here. There’s a portrait of Cho by Will Cotton, artwork by Gloria Vanderbilt, and fantastic wallpaper featured in the master and guest bedroom.

Xoxo, MᶜKenna Ramona Jennings

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