Dressing for The New Normal

Dressing for The New Normal

There’s no denying that the effects of COVID-19 are going to, and already are, hitting the fashion industry hard. Not only have consumer’s buying habits changed due to the lockdown, once we all start going outside again I truly believe things are going to be different, and some things forever. While we may need to, or be recommended, to wear a mask and gloves for some time, I think there will be less consumption of fast fashion and “trend” buying. There’s lots to talk and think about regarding people’s buying habits after quarantine, but today I’m going to be discussing the topic of dressing for the new normal once we all start to head back into our “normal” lives.

I’m currently back home in Massachusetts, but normally I would be in New York City finishing up the semester and heading into my first summer in the city. When I head back to the city this fall (fingers crossed), I can’t imagine not wearing a mask for at least a few months, and I think it’ll be highly recommended to do so anyways. Not only will I be sporting a mask, but most likely gloves as well.

I know that fashion is the least on people’s minds right now, as the health of our family and friends is top priority. But, once we all start going back to our jobs and classes in person I’ve been thinking of ways to reduce the waste of these precautions we’re taking. Although any face covering will do, wearing a mask that either you can reuse by switching out the filters or a DIY mask with dust bags or extra fabric hanging around is a great way to not be constantly throwing away a surgical one every time you wear it.

For gloves if you’re wearing them, can be a bit trickier. As with any fashion question at hand, I always look back in time to see what the chic ladies were wearing in the 50’s and 60’s. Gloves of any kind will make for a chic look and will also keep your hands germ-free. I’ve been on this trend for a while, wearing lace and leather pairs, and I just purchased a new set of pretty poppy silk ones from my new favorite female led small business, Sophie Cull-Candy. I know that washing these constantly will be a hassle and pieces like these aren’t meant to be washed constantly, so I’ll stay aware with how often I do. As I, and probably most of you, are really hoping we won’t be needing to take such precautions for too long.

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Sophie Cull-Candy Harris Satin Gloves

Elegant, classy, and chic satin gloves. I have the poppy pair but they are currently sold out. Follow Sophie Cull-Candy on Instagram to be updated when they are available!

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For when the weather starts to get cooler in autumn…

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