A Feminine Mother Daughter Brand to Adore

A Feminine Mother Daughter Brand to Adore

Sometimes I wonder how much my phone is really listening to me, and when I got an ad on Instagram for the brand Andreeva I was freaked out, but in a good way. I just got over telling my mom how I’ve been looking for a coat that has feather cuffs or is hemmed with them, and nevertheless Instagram answered with a beautiful mint and orange jacquard coat with feather cuffs.

Olga and Marina Andreeva offer a selection of beautiful hand-knit pieces along with jacquard coats and jackets. The pieces are colorful, playful, feminine, and elegant.

Currently they are offering an additional 20% off site wide.

I love the wavy knit ruffles and the pearl buttons on this knit sweater. It’s so pretty.

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This top is so beautiful. The mint color is gorgeous in this print and the belted waist is a flattering touch. The bow detailing is of course my favorite.

The ruffled waist and hem is so feminine and the tie straps and buttons make for a delicate, perfect spring/summer dress.

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1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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