Pastel Fashion Inspired by The New Emma Film

Pastel Fashion Inspired by The New Emma Film

Autumn de Wilde’s new film and adaption of Jane Austen’s Emma takes place in a dream pastel Georgian dollhouse that is so feminine chic. The set decorator Stella Fox, and production designer Kave Quinn, along with their teams created the most awe-inspiring 19th century, Georgian period world. When I saw the interiors of the Firle Estate after they went in and added some bright playful paint, printed wallpaper, and decor my jaw dropped.

Cecil Beaton, who I am a huge fan of and always find myself looking at his photographs of florals, and one of my favorites being this one of Audrey Hepburn, was an inspiration for the fabulous floral displays in the film.

Would you look at the detail! Wow, the hats!

Other than the paint color choices, another aspect of the design that I absolutely love is the drapery. The gorgeous windows of the Georgian estate are styled with elegant drapes.

The cinematography of this film is impeccable, and perfectly enraptures the playfulness of Emma. The color palette is so inspired, and is the epitome of my spring/summer wardrobe. The costume designer, Alexandra Byrne, does a wonderful job dressing the cast in marvelous pieces head-to-toe. Everything down to the accessory is taken into consideration.

This scene is just perfection


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