My New Found Love, Shirt Dresses

My New Found Love, Shirt Dresses

It all started after I began watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix. The costume designer, Allyson Fanger, does such a wonderful job with the wardrobe in this show. I love every characters’ unique style, and I’m especially fond of when Grace wears dress shirts or shirt dresses and pops the collar. It’s such a simple detail, but it goes such a long way. Now whenever I wear a shirt with a collar I catch myself popping it. You look sharper and chic.

A shirt dress is perfect for spring since it can be easily styled for cooler days, and can be worn in the summer time. It’s a piece that’s easy to elevate for fancier occasions, and can definitely be worn for a casual weekend stroll.

Here are my favorite shirt dresses to start wearing now

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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