Dressing for Spring When it’s Still Cold

Dressing for Spring When it’s Still Cold

Last Saturday I went to Soho to try and catch some new art galleries, shopping, and of course, cupcakes. Since I officially have Spring on my mind I opted for a bright outfit, even though it definitely didn’t feel like Spring with the wind!

One of the main things I’m so grateful for living in the city for is that you simply can just go walking around a part of the city and have such a fun time. When people complain of having nothing to do I never understand. Head out for a new part of the city and just walk and explore. There’s always a new art gallery, unique vintage shop, or people watching to do. I think I’m so proactive with doing things on my free time because I grew up in such a small town where there wasn’t much of anything to do.

There’s a cool new vintage shop right on Broadway in Soho. There was super cute pieces in there, and it’s all vintage, unworn! I found a beautiful lace slip dress that I may just be going back for.

I absolutely love this hat. I got it from the mens section at H&M and it fits so perfectly, and I wear it so often. I’m not a fan of doing my hair when it’s raining and always opt for a hat, and this one has been my favorite to grab lately. This Michael Kors pink faux fur is my FAVORITE piece in my closet (alright along with many other things, I know I can’t pick just one.) I had been searching and searching for the perfect pink colored faux fur and when I came across this one I was so excited. Michael Kors makes really nice faux furs, and I have a purple one as well seen most recently here. I’ve been getting a new faux fur from Michael Kors two years in a row now, and now I consider it a tradition. Next on my list is a blue or red one!

Blue has been a color I’ve been drawn to lately, and I love these feathered teal earrings I’m wearing. They are old and I can’t remember where I purchased them from, but I’ve linked some of my favorite blue statement earrings below.

When you walk by Georgetown Cupcakes you just can’t not go in and get a cupcake or two. They serious make some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life.

This weeks weather in New York City has been AMAZING. I’m so excited for Spring and to start to see the cherry blossoms bloom and flowers being planted around the city.

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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