80s Inspired Pieces

80s Inspired Pieces

Back to a time where neutrals weren’t a thing, and having big hair was IT. Cue Lady Gaga’s new single Stupid Love, or The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights. The new songs are giving me 80s feels, and quite frankly so is the fashion world. Sparkle day wear, monochrome suiting, and over the top ruffles are all that’s on my mind right now.

My mother just recently gave me a blazer of hers that she used to wear, with shoulder pads and all. Shoulder pads make any look more elevated, and you can’t lie, they make you feel so confident and put together.

I absolutely need a pair of sparkle pants. Whether you’re going out to eat with friends or heading out for a night dancing, these pants will always be a go-to. I also adore this ruffled top from Asos.

This Rotate ruffled blue dress is so pretty and perfect for spring/summer. I love the colors and stripes. This red blazer dress from H:Ours is so chic.

This Asos ruffled mini dress is so so cute. I also love this Giuseppe Di Morabito top. The sleeves are so dramatic, the perfect top to have for spring/summer.

Power suit your way into that job interview.

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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