Something You May Not Know About Me

Something You May Not Know About Me

If you follow me on my Instagram, @ mckennaramonajennings, you may notice that amidst the style photos there are quite a few shots of interiors and exteriors. I have always had a secret love for interior and exterior design, but especially since I’ve moved to New York City and have been able to wander around, I’ve found an even greater love for it.

Everywhere you go, every shop or restaurant you enter has a whole new experience crafted for the customer. I’ve found it so incredibly inspiring to stop and take a peak in at as many shops as I can whilst gallivanting around the city.

Ralph Lauren’s home in Bedford, New York. His mix of English and American style through his line resonates so well with me, which makes his home so appealing and inspiring. Photo from Architectural Digest. Read more about his lovely home here.

Ralph Lauren’s home in Bedford, New York. Photo from Architectural Digest. Read more about his lovely home here.

Interiors transport people into so many great places that spark creativity and wander and I want to share more of that on Petunia’s Picks. The spaces you constantly surround yourself in reflect in the way you think and create. Place yourself in an environment where you know you’ll flourish creatively, and you’re bound to start noticing a difference in the quality of your life.

Rachel Parcel’s home library. Photo from her blog Pink Peonies. I love the marble fireplace up against this hue of blue. I just want to cozy up with my dog and indulge in a good read. Read more about the space and all the details here.

Tory Burch’s Southhampton home. Incredibly chic. Photo from Architectural Digest. Read more about her home and decorating it over the years here.

Less trendy, more traditional and personal

This it what I find so astonishing about the power of design. The Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue Flagship is an interior I will never forget. It’s a perfect example for crafting the life you are imagining, and in this case we’re lucky enough to be able to go in and be completely transported to Ralph’s world.

Julia Engel’s Charleston, South Carolina home. Photo from Southern Living. Read more about the quintessential Southern home here.

Lauren Santo Domingo’s Southampton retreat. Photo from Vogue. Read more about the tasteful home here.

For me, I still can’t seem to put just one word to the interior design that I most resonate with. I love the country living aesthetic, as well as a more grand New York City feeling. I’m definitely not a modern gal, and will always prefer a Pre-War apartment building over a post, and just like my style I’ll always be more is more. Give me all the color. I love a space with art collected over the years that may not be meant to be placed in a setting together, but are anyways. I’m all about vintage, which crosses over with my style too.

The late Lee Radziwill’s New York City home, the master bedroom. Photo from Architectural Digest. Read more about her country home above the streets here. Adore the botanic prints and chintz fabric.

Tommy Hilfer’s Penthouse at The Plaza Hotel. It has since been sold. Photo from Street Easy. Read more about his inspired home here.

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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