An Uptown Coffee Escape

An Uptown Coffee Escape

I finally made my way to Ralph’s Coffee uptown on 888 Madison Avenue. The coffee shop is exquisite looking. The chandeliers, smell of coffee, and beautiful green colored floral walls make for a perfect weekend first stop before you start your day.

My friend was visiting for the weekend, and what perfect timing to go on that Sunday because a live band was performing. It made the experience so elegant, and afterwards we explored the store as well since it was connected to the coffee shop. Other than of course the clothes, the stairwells are gorgeous and the vintage photos on the walls around the store give the perfect feel of the epitome of American style.

I definitely recommend this place to anyone in the city who appreciates the finer things and wants to have an elegant cup of coffee with a little shopping

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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