Oh Valentino, How I Love You- Haute Couture FALL 2019

Oh Valentino, How I Love You- Haute Couture FALL 2019

Rewatching videos of the Valentino Haute Couture show I feel relaxed, at ease, and so in love with fashion. The gowns are just out of this world. Spectacular. Divine. The thought that goes into every little detail is so amazing to me. If there was one gown I had to live in for the rest of my life, it would be a Valentino. His shows evoke powerful emotion.

Pierpaolo Piccioli posted on his Instagram last week a video of him and all from the atelier walking the runway at the end of the show and greeting Mr. Valentino. This had me smiling from ear to ear. To have an artist share his team with all who were there and greatly acknowledge their hard work as well is so heartwarming, and goes to show how much of a sincere and great person he is. It made me admire the show and collection even more.

The thousands of hours gone into creating these magnificent pieces of art is inspiring. It makes me fall in love with fashion all over again knowing that it really does take so much passion and creativity to create a gown that inspires and speaks volumes.

The hats were exquisite, and I also really loved the wool fringe that was on some of the gowns. Every season at Valentino the color palette is so dreamy. The color combinations inspire my color loving wardrobe, and the prints are always beautiful.

None of these photos are mine, all courtesy goes to Gorunway.com from Vogue Runway

Here are my favorite looks

The wool fringe headpiece. The wool fringe tiered skirt. The flower embroidered top. This dress is a complete sunflower. One of my favorites from the collection.

This coat! Also you’d be crazy to not love this color combination. I now need a teal and red ensemble in my wardrobe. The bright blue boots are also great and inspires me to wear bright colored boots for this fall.

This gown is a beauty. The tri-color wool fringe one shoulder is eye-catching. The floral print bottom reminds me of a puzzle. Again with the color combination, they just keep getting better if that’s even possible!

With any collection at Valentino, the colors are just extraordinary. This blue is just beautiful. I love the cutout and the collar is very unique.

The bottom on this gown is just gorgeous. I love the top part and how it looks felt like, along with the flowers not looking exactly realistic, and more crafty.

I like big bows and I cannot lie. First off, this COLOR!! Bravo. I love the bright orange and teal-green leaves next to the purple. Again with the bow, I just can’t get enough.

This gown is stunning. The material is meant to be worn and grace around for hours. I love the craftsmanship of the top, it reminds me of a wave.

Wow. This is just ethereal. Would you look at that detailing on the gown, and then on the headpiece?! Out of this world.

The blue gowns in this collection really stand out to me. The v-neckline and oversized sleeves are very flattering, along with the tied waist. I’m really drawn to the “teeth” detailing throughout.

Ruffles and a big pink bow, everything I love! This gown is a feminine girly bow lovers dream. It’s anything but boring.

Oh la la, feathers galore. I absolutely LOVE the feather collar. This is truly a work of art. The print is just beautiful.

The overall design of this gown is just perfect. I just love the craftsmanship. The hat, you can’t forget the hat!

My favorite of the collection. The color is mesmerizing, and I hope to see it a lot this fall. Ruffles galore and a tie bow waist to top it all of. I love how the top part looks like a ruffled heart.

View the rest of the collection here

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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