My “The Real Real” Wishlist, and Why I’m Second Hand Shopping

My “The Real Real” Wishlist, and Why I’m Second Hand Shopping

Over the past year I’ve seen tremendous growth overall in people being more aware of the Earth and using reusable products. States and countries are banning plastic bags and straws, which is a huge step. I came back from New York City to see my hometown had banned plastic bags, and now at every store they give out paper bags or have reusable bag options. Another thing I’ve seen more and more people doing is shopping second hand clothing and accessories. Now, I can’t deny that I used to be so iffy and “a little” grossed out about buying second hand clothing online from people I don’t know, or going into a thrift store and purchasing something.

But, this year in NYC I went to Beacon’s Closet and was happily surprised at the amount of stuff I found in there that was being sold and looked like it had been very well taken care of by its last owner. I bought a blazer, and when I get back to the city I definitely plan on going back. An online consignment store that is very well known is The Real Real. It’s a luxury consignment store, and I catch myself looking on here more often than not for unique pieces to add to my wardrobe. It’s a great place to find used designer bags from seasons past and present, and also for RTW pieces. I’m a huge fan of the old fashion styles, so I could spend hours(and have) spent hours on this website. This year especially, I have heard from lots of people that they buy second hand, and most of the time you can’t even tell. Who wouldn’t want to save some money, get cool and unique pieces, and a huge one… save the planet!! Instead of going out to your fast fashion retailer, opt for second hand first. I know we have such a far way to go, but I’m really happy and proud to see people’s lifestyles changing to better the Earth.

Here is my wishlist and great finds that are on The Real Real right now. Since it’s a consignment store there isn’t multiple sizes of each piece, so I tried to mix it up with sizing, I really encourage everyone to go on their website and look for yourself!!

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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  1. I am with you on that trend. Socio-eco-friendly clothing has been part of my lifestyle for many years now, long before it was trendy. Glad we are on the same boat.

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