Poolside Style Picks: Pieces to Look Chic in This Memorial Day

Poolside Style Picks: Pieces to Look Chic in This Memorial Day

As Memorial Day is approaching, I can’t help but think about poolside fashion and what’s on my wishlist for this season. When May starts to come to a close, and the summer season is so close we can feel it(hopefully, I’m talking to you Mother Nature), pools start to open and it’s time to start picking out your favorite coverups, sunglasses, hats, and more to stay chic.

Stay chic this Memorial Day and Summer


Are a fashionable way to look cute by the pool or on the beach, but also protect your face from the sun.


Are a chic way to show up to the pool.


Are so fun in the summer time, and who doesn’t want to show off their new pedicure with some open toed sandals or wedges? My favorite below are the Tory Burch woven ballet flats. Perfect to go to the pool, and also for a day out exploring the city.


Are your fashion armor at the beach, so don’t cheap out on them! Getting a few, nice quality bathing suits that you know will last you for more than one season are perfect and it’s better for the environment to buy a piece that’s longer lasting.


Are a fun way to add personality to your poolside looks. Who doesn’t want to arrive to the pool with a pair of fully bedazzled fish earrings? I know I don’t.


Are great for many reasons. 1. Hold all of your snacks. 2. There are so many cute options this year. 3. Everyone needs a bag, so why not get a chic one?

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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