Neutrals for Spring

Neutrals for Spring

I was looking to go for a more neutral toned look, and as I was rummaging through my clothes when I found this kimono and nude dress that looked really lovely together. I love when this happens, as I’m going through my clothes I find things next to each other that I end up loving worn together. If you’re an avid shopper like me, you know how easy it can be to forget about pieces in your closet because after you wear them a few times they get thrown to the back of the closet. I’m trying to get better at this, but we all do it!

Pairing different shades of neutrals together creates a really nice, flattering look where it isn’t too overwhelming since it’s not a bright color, and it also looks really nice on everyone. I love the floral embroidery in the kimono because it gave me some color to incorporate into the accessories, which is why I paired my favorite pink and red floral earrings with the look, and of course topped it off with a red lip.

My dress, kimono, and earrings are no longer available, but I’ve linked neutral pieces and kimonos below that are perfect for spring. I love going through my wardrobe and wearing older pieces; in a fashion world of fast paced trends that come and go and suddenly you feel like you need to create a whole new wardrobe, it pays off to have a sense of your own style and be able to re-style old pieces with new. That’s something I’m going to try to start doing more often, I recently watched a Netflix documentary “The True Cost”, and it really opened up my mind about the world of fast fashion and how bad it is for the earth. It also has me thinking about investing in more quality pieces(I want to start with shoes) that last longer than buying a “cheaper” pair that’ll only last me a few wears, and if lucky a season. Of course it takes time to start investing in nicer pieces, but every little bit of effort counts!

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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