Pretty Lace Dresses for Spring

Pretty Lace Dresses for Spring

Spring is for pretty dresses. Whether it be for a special occasion like a graduation or family gathering, or for brunch and exploring the city, a pretty lace dress is your spring go-to.

It was such a beautiful Saturday in New York City that I had to take advantage of it. I grabbed my basket bag and headed to Tribeca to buy a new book. I saw so many flowers and cherry blossoms sprouting and it got me so excited to be in the city for the next couple weeks for spring. Central Park was filled with people(and dogs) enjoying the weather and it made me love the city even more than I already did. I love grabbing a good book to read and taking it to Central Park.

For cooler spring days wrap a light sweater around your shoulders. It looks cute, and if you get too cold you can throw it on! Since the sweater is black and the dress is purple, I added in a black pearl headband and wore black flats to make the look more cohesive. I’m a true heel lover, but on the weekends where I’m going to be doing lots of walking I opt for flats to give my feet a break!

Last year I quickly became a fan of basket bags after seeing them everywhere, they are just too cute to ignore and are perfect for spring and summer.

Here are my favorite lace dresses to shop for this spring

Light sweaters for spring

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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