A Perfect Place to Brunch

A Perfect Place to Brunch

Brunch in New York City is not you’re average brunch, and you shouldn’t treat it that way either. There’s nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday, waking up to it being sunny and 65, and stepping out on the streets to head to brunch at Sarabeth’s. With their five locations in NYC it’s a place everyone needs to experience at least once; but really, you’ll get hooked from the start.

I’ve been to the Tribeca Sarabeth’s three times since my time in the city, and it’s seriously to die for. The classy pretty setting makes for the perfect Saturday mood, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s seating inside and out; outside being a cute area that would be so enjoyable on a nice morning. Inside there’s lots of seating. First thing when you walk in is a bustling area; with the bar and lots of tables surrounding it, it’s definitely a social scene and perfect to people watch and enjoy your meal. As you walk back your taken into their skylight room that is beautifully lit with the sun and sofas lining the wall accompanied by tables and in the middle larger tables. I’m also a huge fan of the art in here from local Tribeca artists(how cool!), it creates a happy brunch setting perfect for families and friends. This would be a lovely setting for special occasions as well.

The menu is full of delicious eats, my favorite being the buttermilk pancakes with strawberries. I know, such a basic, but Sarabeth’s does it like nobody else. I leave full, yet ready to head back the next morning because of how wonderful everything was. Everyone that works there is extremely nice and they make the experience even more enjoyable.

All of the Sarabeth’s locations are very popular, so make reservations ahead so you don’t have to wait.

I can’t wait to spend more brunches at Sarabeth’s

Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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