My Number 1 Tip for Ladies in the City Wearing Heels

My Number 1 Tip for Ladies in the City Wearing Heels

If you haven’t been through it you are inevitably are going to, and if you have you know the struggle and have very well learned your lesson. Now matter the size of the heel or wedge, not matter the price of the heel or wedge,

Always carry around a pair of flats when walking in heels in the city.

It can happen with any shoe, really. You’re walking around the city having a great day, the weather is perfect, and then bam. Your shoe breaks. For me this happened last week, I was wearing a pair of wedges my mom had given me. My friend and I were walking around no big deal, taking outfit photos and then all of a sudden I felt a weird feeling at the sole of my shoe.

The entire sole of the wedge came off and the only part still attached was in the toe part. The entire rest of the sole was detached from the wedge of the heel and when I walked it was clamping on the ground.

And the best part? I was wearing my new Gucci socks.

These socks will NOT rip or get dirty the first time I wear them

Oh, the irony of this whole situation

Now, I am always the girl who has a pair of emergency flats in her bag. You never know what’s going to happen, or where the day is going to take you. But of course, the one time I do not have them with me, my shoe breaks.

After about 10 minutes of being in complete shock and just laughing at the fact that this had just happened my friend and I (me, limping) walked to the subway. Thank goodness we were right near a stop, and thank goodness the train takes us right outside of our dorm. 

If you’re wondering if I made it to my room shoe still partially in tact, yes, yes I did. Thankfully not seeing anyone along the way. So ladies, moral of the story is to always carry around a pair of emergency flats, no matter how quick the rendezvous. I like to carry around the scrunchy ballet flats because they are easy to fold up and don’t take up much space in your handbag. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper option for a flat, these dexflex scrunch flats are my favorite. They are super comfortable, and come in a wide range of colors. I have the tan, brown, and black, and I’m thinking my next buy will be the red ones. I swear on these flats for someone that always finds their feet throbbing in other flats. I gave these ones a try and it was a success!

Here are some other, highly rated flats that don’t disappoint either

Oh, and here are the socks but beware if you wear a pair of heels/wedges with them


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