Embracing Your Personal Style

Embracing Your Personal Style

In a time in the fashion world where the trends are constantly changing, street style is at it’s peak, and brands are obsessed with using logos to attract the younger audience, how do you find your personal style?

Since I started this blog I’ve learned a lot about my personal style. When I began to dress more “fashionably” was when I finally started to feel like I was breaking through and was on the road to being my authentic self. But, I do not have the same style that I had two years ago, and I’m so glad I don’t. Although I was dressing “better”, I dressed in a way that other people wanted me to and what everyone was saying was “in.” I secretly felt uncomfortable because I wasn’t dressing how I wanted to, and I was frustrated. Two years have passed and I can say that I am dressing exactly how I want to, and I feel so happy and confident with myself and style and it feels great. To be able to feel confident in yourself and individuality is something that is hard to achieve, especially when today fashion is very mainstream, and if you’re a girl wearing flowers and pink it doesn’t quite fit in with what younger people are wearing today.

“Why don’t you wear black with that instead of pink?”, “Don’t wear that it’s not trendy”, “Why do you always wear dresses and skirts?”, “You should try wearing sneakers with that?”

“You should just dress trendy and wear less color, you’ll get more blog views and more likes/follows on Instagram”

Dressing feminine and girly is not something that is common these days with the younger generation. Everyone is obsessed with trends and dressing “cool” that I find that most people have lost sense of their personal style. They are dressing trendy, which is making them all look the same. I find that so many people find pieces that they love, but won’t wear them because it’s not “in” and “cool.” It’s absolutely bazaar to me. Fashion is a form of expression, and you can tell a lot about a person without them even speaking by the way they dress. So why would you want to portray yourself as someone you truly aren’t?

Being a girly girl and dressing in color makes me stand out like a sore thumb almost everywhere I go, and I would have never dressed like this two years ago. I was so afraid of other people commenting on my looks that I would dress how they wanted me to so I never would have to here it. Someone is always going to have something to say about you/the way you dress, but there’s something empowering about taking a negative comment and not having a care in the world and continuing to be yourself. You experience different things and life changes, which in this case for me lead to a whole 360 for lots of things in my life, but mostly in the way I dress. Being confident in yourself to be able to wear the things you love isn’t easy, but once you get there it’s totally worth it and rewarding.

I want everyone to dress in a way that empowers, motivates, and stands for themselves. That’s my goal through this blog, to share my feminine, classy, quirky style to inspire others to dress the way they want to and feel confident about it. At the end of the day nobody has to live with yourself and your thoughts but you, so why not make yourself happy.

If I were to tell myself advice two years ago while getting dressed in the morning..

“Wear the bow, wear the pink, wear the tulle skirt, because two years from now you’re closet is going to be an explosion of pink, bows, and tulle.”

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