Purple and Red // Inspired by Princess Diana

Purple and Red // Inspired by Princess Diana

There’s no denying that Princess Diana is one of the greatest style icons. Her looks were always so glamorous and chic, and they spoke volumes. She was always dressed appropriately and dressed to the nines. I wouldn’t mind if her hat collection just magically appeared in my closet over night.

My most favorite color combination that Princess Diana wore was purple and red. I’m a lover of color and always like to try out new colors together like pink and red, blue and green, and today, purple and red.

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It’s a lovely color combination that I am excited to start wearing, I love how they compliment each other and the red lip ties it all in. This red lace set from Zara is perfect for wearing together and separately, both for fancy and more casual events.

Lace Top // Lace Skirt // Shoes s/o, but these suede heels are lovely // Jacket Valentino Thrifted, but I love these two blazers 1 , 2

It’s so much fun to mix and match colors, I love going through my closet and mixing old pieces with new and creating a fun and fresh look

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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