Wardrobe Essentials to Get You Through the NYC Winter

Wardrobe Essentials to Get You Through the NYC Winter

The winter time can be rough, especially if you live in a place where the weather is constantly changing. But aside from those random 50 degree days, it can get very cold. Since I’m walking much more outside in the cold since I’m in NYC, I’ve come to figure out the accessories I can’t live without in the winter to keep me warm, but still chic. 

Here are my 5 winter accessories I can’t live without


I swear I could not live without a beret. Anytime the weather is cold and my hair isn’t looking it’s best, I throw on a beret and it makes me feel and look ten times better. Don’t want to do your hair one day but still have to go out? Throw on a beret and you’ll feel just as great as you would if you did your hair.

Leather Gloves

Chicer than your average glove, I’ve been leaning towards leather gloves this winter to keep my hands warm.

Snow Boots but Make It Fashion

Being in the city and doing lots of walking, not matter the weather can get tricky. If I see even a possibility of rain or snow I don’t take out my suede shoes, and instead take out these amazing booties. These shoes are my go-to winter shoe in my closet and I seriously need to get them in the other colors. I’ve been wearing them with skirts and dresses all though this winter.

Sweaters for Layering

You love that dress but don’t know how to wear it for winter since it’s short sleeved. Wearing sweaters over and under dresses has been my go-to this winter. I’ve been wearing a black one with lace collar on repeat seen here.

Faux Fur Coat 

My faux fur coats get me through winter, especially my purple one that you can get here. They keep me warm and looking chic, without killing any animals in the process. Here are some of my favorite faux furs below.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, MRJ

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