McKenna in Manhattan- New Series

McKenna in Manhattan- New Series

Hey girls, welcome to McKenna in Manhattan- a new series I’m starting on Petunia’s Picks where I’ll be sharing everything feminine, girly, classy, and glamorous in New York City.

With countless bins of clothes and my purple faux fur coat on my back, a week ago I left my hometown in Massachusetts where I’ve been living my whole life. Stepping into NYC was a breath of fresh air (figuratively… not literally) from my past. Finally in a place of dreamers who dream the biggest dreams, in a place where they do come true.

A new journey can be intimidating, but it can lead to the most incredible changes in your life.

Cheers to the fabulous and glamorous things in life

Whenever driving into the city I get a sense of relaxation, but also motivation, and the drive to work really hard to accomplish my dreams- no wonder why it’s the city that never sleeps. As I slowly get surrounded by skyscrapers and countless buildings reaching the sky, it’s like the outside world doesn’t exist. All I have is this island full of millions of people looking for the same thing, searching for their passion, whatever that might be in. I’m in a world I’ve ever dreamed of, full of dreamers that have an unsure, but bright future ahead. I’m never leaving. 

XOXO, McKenna Ramona Jennings

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