How to Liven Up Your Wardrobe This Winter

How to Liven Up Your Wardrobe This Winter

Once January rolls around and the holidays are over I always seem to get lethargic and unmotivated. During the first few months of the year the weather is always so random; one day it’s snowing and -5 degrees, the next it’ll be 50 degrees and sunny and all the snow melted. I stay inside more, and get very very bored, especially with my closet.

I always get bored and tired with my wardrobe this time of year. I’m already longing for spring days where I don’t have to layer as much, and can throw on a pretty maxi dress. But, this year I’m trying to stay motivated and not let myself get as bummed out as I have previous years. I just this Saturday moved to my NYC dorm, I’m now going to school at Pace in the Financial District. With this exciting move and trying to liven up my wardrobe with key pieces, I’m steering away from the boredom and tiredness I’ve experienced in the past.

I’m livening up my wardrobe this new year with bright colors and pieces that are interesting and unique. Especially since I have a little walk to class everyday from my dorm, by having a cute jacket or dress to wear is motivating me to get up and start my day. I’m a true believer that in wearing things that excite you it can make you feel so much better.

Here are some pieces to liven up your wardrobe during these dreary first few months of the year

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, MRJ

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