Shoes to Complete Your Holiday Looks

Shoes to Complete Your Holiday Looks

The type of shoe you wear totally transforms a look; they can make or break it! Sometimes an outfit can’t be worn without some sort of heel, and some should be worn with flats. For me it’s always about proportion, how long a dress/skirt is, or the fit of a pair of pants can tell you exactly the right type of shoes to wear. If I’m wearing a dress/skirt that’s more fitted, I tend to go towards some type of heel to flatter my legs.

The holidays are such a fun time to put together looks and for me, experiment with so many different textures and styles. Finding the perfect dress/skirt/jumpsuit is only half the battle, because the shoes can make a total difference in the outfit not just by making or breaking it, but for the type of event as well.

All of the heels/flats I’ve listed below are all you’ll need for this holiday season. There are bows, sequins, and print, which are basically my wardrobe staples! (lol)  

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, MRJ

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