It’s Getting Cold, But Please Leave the Animals Alone

It’s Getting Cold, But Please Leave the Animals Alone

I know it’s getting cold, especially for us living in New England. It can be awful going outside whether your out for a day in the city, trying to clean off your car before going to work, etc. If I were to tell you one style tip for winter and braving the cold, it would be to leave the animals alone, stay away from real fur.

I’ve never worn real fur before, and I don’t plan on ever wearing it. I am a faux fur girl. I’m not an expert on real fur in the fashion industry, but I’m going to talk about my opinion and what I’ve learned from articles. I’m not here to provide biased information, and this post is not sponsored; I’m here to share my opinion! I’ve come to my own conclusions based on all of the information I’ve read, and I want you to do so too! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. At the end of this post I’m going to be sharing other articles for you to read on the use of real fur in the fashion industry, and also companies that sell coats that keep you very warm, without real fur.

A little background story: I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a long time now, but I really wanted to make sure I had learned a lot about the topic before, and I wanted to write it at the right time. I’ve been seeing on Instagram lately SO many influencers/bloggers promoting Canada Goose. I got angry, I am angry, and so are many other people. I’ve browsed through some comments on these posts and some people are loving it(I’m not quite sure if they know about the use of real fur in the fashion industry) and others are not. I’m going to assume that the influencers/bloggers promoting this product know how Canada Goose gets there fur and know at least a little bit of background knowledge on the use of fur in the fashion industry, because if you promote a product, you do the research on it right? Especially when it may bring up a very controversial conversation.

I’ve gone through, reading all the articles on fur and how companies get the fur, etc. I’ve gone through companies that use real fur and their comments on it. Some people say Peta exaggerates how companies get there fur. One company extremely well-known for their jackets with real fur, Canada Goose, discusses in their FAQ on their website that they believe having the fur trim around the hoods of their jackets guards the face and prevents it from getting frostbite. They also talk about how all the fur that they use can be traced back to where it can from, which are places that follow the Agreement of International Humane Trapping Standards(AIHTS) and Best Managed Practices(BMP) in the United States. Here’s a link to the page if you’d like to read more here.

Here’s some food for thought- I read this article from the Huffington Post and loved this part: From the article “Confused and Cruelty: The Canada Goose Story” Adam M. Roberts states “Let’s focus on the fur. Canada Goose declares that it only uses “ethically sourced down and fur.” I assume that means coyotes who have died of natural causes — because to trap, shoot, slaughter, and skin a coyote to line a coat is not remotely ethical.”

Bam. End of story. That may be my response to anyone that says they are wearing a fur coat from a company that gets their fur from an ethical source.

One thing that sticked out to me the most on Canada Gooses’s FAQ page is that they state that wildlife biologists and experts say that trapping is needed to keep a healthy/stable wildlife in terms of population, also saying this is doing so in a responsible way (🤮- all the animal lovers out there, you feel me 🙁 .) I don’t think the Earth needs people going out and trapping these animals and essentially killing them for their fur to keep the wildlife population healthy. Natural causes can, and gladly will take over that. When I first did research on this a few years ago one of the first things I can upon is that faux fur isn’t good for the environment, and real fur is. Real fur is biodegradable, but with faux fur being made from acrylic/polyester, it can’t essentially be broken down. So, I’ve heard some people that wear real fur use this as the reason why, because real fur is better for the environment. Here’s an article that talks more on that here.

But, the treatment of animals to use their fur in fashion, which can be easily substituted with faux fur, is so out of date. To me, I don’t care how “good” anyone says the animals are being treated. The animals are essentially being killed so that someone can wear their fur for “fun.” It’s not about warmth, because if you can afford an almost $1000 winter coat, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. The coats without real fur are even just as warm! If you wear real fur, you’re supporting the treatment of these animals, whether it’s from a farm that treats the animals “good” or bad.

Here’s some more food for thought: Is there even such a thing as a safe/humane way to trap an animal and kill them for their fur?

Now here’s for the people that say faux fur doesn’t look as luxe as real. Over the years, as more high fashion companies have stopped using real and gone to faux, it’s been shown that the faux fur looks just as nice as real, and even as soft. So, if you’re buying real just because it looks nicer than faux, you have been proven wrong. Many people wear Canada Goose, or any real fur product for that matter just for status. When I see someone wearing real fur, the last thing I think about is “wow, they’re so cool and rich”, it’s more like “do they even know anything about how that jacket was made, and that they actually kind of look a little tacky wearing that in 2018?” Wearing real fur was a status symbol a very long time ago, get with the times people!! From personal experience, I know many people that wear real fur that have absolutely no clue about how these companies get the real fur to produce these products, and some people even choose to be naive. Us faux fur gals look even more glamorous than you do in your real fur. It’s 2018, lets stop wearing animals and supporting this awful treatment of innocent wildlife.

Many of the real fur pieces you see on the racks today comes from farms in China, where the farms aren’t regulated and don’t follow ethical rules. I’ve seen awful videos of animals on farms being squeezed into tiny cages where they are fed an unnatural amount of food, to get them to be so oversized so that the farmers get more fur out of them. Innocent animals are electrocuted, shot, and tortured for their fur. You wouldn’t wear a dog or a cat, so why an innocent wildlife animal?

Lots of luxury brands have stopped using real fur over the past few years. Here’s a list of the brands below that are fur free, and some that are going to be in the coming months (let me know if I forgot any in the comments below so I can add it!)

Burberry, John Galliano, Versace, Michael Kors, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Coach, DVF, Kate Spade, Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo

Places to shop for fur-free products: L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, Columbia, Wuxly, Save The Duck, Patagonia, Lands End

I’ve recently just discovered Wuxly, and they offer a great program where you can trade in your real fur, trim, or down filled jacket and you’ll receive a credit towards one of their totally cruelty free and vegan jackets! I really love what the brand stands for and you should totally check it out. Here’s a link to the about page.

Here are some articles to read:

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Is this the end for real fur?

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to hear your take/opinion on the use of real fur in the fashion industry in the comments below! Lets start a friendly conversation 🙂

Xoxo, MRJ

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