Velvet for the Holidays

Velvet for the Holidays

Tis the season! Whenever I think of the holiday season and what to wear, the first thing that comes to mind (other than sparkles, of course) is velvet. It’s the perfect fabric for the cold weather, and it has a holiday glam feel like no other. I wore a velvet matching set here last year, and I’ve already broken it out for this year.

Midnight blue and burgundy colors come to mind when I imagine wearing a velvet look around this time of year. I’ve also spotted some pink velvet that I’ve included down below, you can never go wrong with pink! I know it’s in a little bit over a month, but this Asos Jumpsuit is a perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve. From jumpsuits and suits, skirts, tops, and dresses- here are all my velvet picks for the holidays.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, MRJ

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