My Opinion on The Moschino x H&M Collaboration

My Opinion on The Moschino x H&M Collaboration

It was no surprise when Jeremy Scott announced early this year at Coachella that he’d be collaborating with H&M that it would be HUGE. Jeremy Scott has been the creative director of Moschino since 2013, and if you don’t know what Moschino is, then well, jump on the bandwagon.

Moschino is an Italian luxury brand. So, you must be thinking, why are they collaborating with an affordable fast fashion retail brand? Like Moschino, luxury brands like Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are well known for their high price tag that attracts the wealthy and elite, although “the designer’s output for the Italian label is as anti-elitist as fashion comes”, states Nicole Phelps from Vogue. Getting to be able to shop at any luxury store is every fashionistas dream. With their high price tags that only the elite are able to swipe their cards for, Moschino decided to try something new to reach it’s audience.

So, Moschino collaborating with H&M is a big deal. We’ll finally all be able to carry a Moschino, without it breaking our bank accounts. I think it’s a brilliant idea. It allows for all the Moschino fans to be able to wear the brand they love.

Not only is the idea genius, they also had a runway show, with all the greatest and latest models you know, some being Gigi and Bella Hadid, Dilone, Duckie Thot, and Joan Smalls. Along with Victoria’s Secret Models Stella Maxwell, Taylor Hill, and Candice Swanepoel. The very well known veteran supermodel Naomi Campbell was there as well; they basically had everyone there. So now that we get to all wear Moschino, we also get to wear the clothes our favorite models are wearing. Talk about a major collaboration you can’t miss out on.

The collection is a whole lot of glam (gimme all the sparkles) and with an edgy street style, hip-hop pop vibe. Everything is over the top with gold sparkles and leather; the collection is for the person that’s not afraid to stand out.. and look amazing while doing it. Even better, there’s Moschino x H&M for our DOGS. You already know I will be getting my dog one of those jackets. Mark your calendars and get your credit cards ready for tomorrow, Thursday November 8th- the collection will be in select stores and online.

Here are my picks from the collaboration launching tomorrow, happy shopping 🙂

1. Gold-Plated Belt: $199 2. Leather Shoulder Bag: $249 3. Gold-Plated Necklace- $79.99 4. Small Leather Shoulder Bag- $149

You & your dog can look cool & chic together

  1. Padded Jacket for Dog- $99                                                   2. Patterned Pants- $119

1. Leather Sleep Mask- $49.99 2. Gold-Plated Necklace- $69.99 3. Round Leather Handbag- $249 4. Gold-Plated Bracelet- $49.99

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, MRJ!


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