Dresses That’ll Take you From Summer to Fall

Dresses That’ll Take you From Summer to Fall

The summer to fall transition can be weird- you never know when the weather is going to hit the low 70s and 60s, so finding something to wear can be a guessing game. Sometimes it doesn’t actually get into the 60s until the end of October, which is sad for all the fall fashion fanatics like me who are ready for that weather when September comes around!

In the mornings it can be chilly, and the weather can either stay in the rather cool(er) zone the entire day, or it can get hot in the afternoons. To be prepared for either, I’m going to share some dresses down below that are perfect for the summer to fall transition. Slits, fall tones & prints are what you can find below to help keep you stylish and comfortable during the upcoming transition. Carry around a sweater or light jacket with you to pair with any of these dresses in case it is cool.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, MRJ

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