Green for Days

Green for Days

This is the perfect dress to have in your wardrobe for the summer to fall transition. I will say it is a heavy dress, but along with the knit fabric and long length makes it perfect for fall. But, since it’s sleeveless and has a slit, still makes it wearable in the summer warmth.


I felt as though since the dress is very straight it would look more feminine with a belt; it allows for your waist to be seen and gives your body shape in the dress. This circle shaped Aldo bag is the PERFECT match to this dress, and is on sale right now.


Of course, another headband. The one that I’m wearing is from Anthropologie but is sold out 🙁 I linked a black one down below that I would wear with this look as well. I wrote a blog post last week on headbands & my current favorite ones here!



Thanks for reading! Xoxo, MRJ


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