How to Start Dressing for Fall Now, in the Heat

How to Start Dressing for Fall Now, in the Heat

Last year, just like this year, I start to shop early for fall to build up a good sized wardrobe for the season when it finally arrives. Last year though, I made the mistake of buying lots of cold weather clothing like thicker sweaters, pants, and jackets made more for the winter. Last year the weather really didn’t cool down until the end of October, so I had a hard time styling those pieces with warm weather. So, the good thing about this year is that I now know how to shop smart for fall, and also how to bring the fall feeling into my wardrobe even if the weather is still hot.

Bag in photo here

Down below I’m going to break it down by section and share pieces you can style differently into the heat for fall.


Once it hits the end of August/ beginning of September I’m already over summer fashion, but the weather also seems to be restricting me on bringing in fall style. A quarter sleeved top is never a bad idea with a pair of jeans or jean skirt. This year I’m purchasing tank top sweaters, fall-colored and printed tops to help bring the fall feeling into my closet. When it comes to plaids, oranges, reds, and deep greens, nothing can help bring the fall into your wardrobe than these colors. Cardigans aren’t just for chilly days either; you can tie one around your shoulders or waist to add different prints/textures to any look.


Skirts and pants are probably the most easiest(along with dresses) to transition into fall. There are so many plaid printed skirts and pants in stores right now that are great because when it gets cooler you can add layers and tights. I’ve also linked some fall colored pants down below.


So many cute dresses and jumpsuits!! All of these pieces down below are perfect to wear in the heat, and they have fall colors/prints to give a fall feel. When the weather gets cooler you can add a scarf, jacket, or tights.


I’m loving oxfords and mules lately, and there perfect for fall! Studs are popular this fall; I saw a bunch of stud pieces on the Nordstrom sale this year. It’s not too early to wear velvet; the shoes I linked down below can be worn with a lightweight dress for hot days.



Last but not least, accessories. I’ve been totally obsessed with headbands lately, and just recently ordered this one. They make any bad hair day a good one, and they complete every look. Sailor caps aren’t just for the summer, the faux leather and denim ones I linked below are perfect for the summer to fall transition. Plaid printed and faux suede bags are perfect for the transition as well. I could never forget earrings, the ones I linked below are in the perfect tones to complete your summer to fall look.

Thanks for reading, Xoxo MRJ


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