A Print Lovers Dream Dress

A Print Lovers Dream Dress

The unique print and different colors of this dress screamed my name when I was online shopping at Asos one day. This crazy print is exactly what you need in your closet if you’re a print lover like me.


I got this dress soooo long ago(we’re talking like April lol.) I bought it for an event that I never ended up going to, but I didn’t want to return it because of how unique the print was and I knew I would wear it for something else.


I love unique pieces, which is probably why my closet is an explosion of different colors and prints. I love this dress and it’s perfect for a summer night out. I love the shoulders and how they drape, plus having straps as well allows for you to not have to worry about pulling it up the entire night!

The asymmetrical hem is very flattering and I love how it ruffles. All together I think this dress is a total must-have for anyone who loves to be daring with their prints. Even better, it’s on sale now for $50!


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Thanks for reading! Xoxo, MRJ

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