Shopbop Sale Wishlist

Shopbop Sale Wishlist

This time of year is perfect to be shopping JUST sales. Buying pieces that aren’t on sale for summer at this time isn’t worth it unless you really really love the piece. Fall is just around the corner, and if you’re like me and already shopping for your fall wardrobe, you don’t want to have to be buying summer pieces at full price anymore!

I love Shopbop, and right now they are having a sale with SOOO many piece on sale!! I’ve been looking through it the past couple days and I love so many pieces so I want to share them all! They have some amazing deals going on.  Down below are pieces that you can wear now, and later for the fall/winter season!

Pieces to Wear Now

Pieces to Wear Later

           Last but not Least, Shoes…

Thanks for reading, Xoxo MRJ

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