Inspiration for a Classic Look

Inspiration for a Classic Look

I was going through my closet today looking for something new to share but I didn’t really love any of the looks that I was putting together; which sparked some inspiration. You may not see it on Instagram very often, but I do re-wear pieces ALL the time. I don’t like sharing pieces that I can’t find online all the time because I like to share things that people can buy if they love. I know the frustration of seeing a piece that you love on Instagram or a blog, but can’t get because it’s sold out.

But, even though you can’t buy the exact piece that I’m wearing in this look, you can find inspiration for a look that you can recreate with your own wardrobe! I’m always going through other influencers blogs or Instagrams looking for inspiration for a new outfit whether it be the colors or style. Finding inspiration and creating a new version that’s more you is so fun.




Today’s color combo is the classic black and white, with mixes of neutral colors. I love adding belts to a-line dresses because it creates a more defined waistline and makes for a feminine look.




Bag // Similar Sunglasses

Thanks for reading, Xoxo MRJ

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