Quality Wardrobe Staples you Need for Summer

Quality Wardrobe Staples you Need for Summer

Summer is only about a week away, which means it’s time to start getting your summer staples out, or start searching for new ones! I’m a true believer in statement pieces, my closet is 95% filled with them, but it’s always good to have staples in your wardrobe. You’ll always find yourself looking for simple clothing in your closet to throw on once in a while; and staples are perfect because you can keep re wearing them frequently and nobody will notice. Down below I’m listing summer staples you need in your closet!

A White Dress

In the winter it’s all about the LBD, but in the summer it’s all about the LWD. A white dress with a nice glowy summer tan is hard to beat. It’s classic, and works for any occasion you have. A simple white maxi or sundress is perfect for the day, and switch it up with a midi dress or bodycon for a night look.


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From experience, especially when I go into the city in the summer, I always wish I had worn a pair of sneakers. They keep your feet from getting all dirty and getting cuts, and also allow you to walk those few extra miles on that nice day without being in pain. Nowadays it’s so easy to find a pair of sneakers that are cute and comfortable, here are a few I have on my wish list!


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Wearable Sandals

For somebody that wears either a heel or wedge with almost every outfit, in the summer I lean towards sandals more often when it’s a casual look. Everyone needs a simple, basic pair of sandals in their closet that they can wear with any outfit. It comes in handy when you want to look cute on your nice summer day out, but don’t want to be torturing yourself and your feet with all the walking.


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Sun Hat

Not only does it protect your face from the sun, sun hats are also so cute and fun to wear. You can find them at every clothing store you go to, and at stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx you can find really good deals on them(last year I got a Vineyard Vines straw hat for $8!!) Here are some sun hats down below from some of my favorite stores!


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Denim Shorts

Denim is always a must-have for every season, but I’ll say that in the summer you’ll always find yourself reaching for denim shorts more often than not for any day out. I don’t own many denim shorts but I’m really into the distressed look, so I have a few on my wish list that I’ll list down below as well!


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Basic Tank

A basic colored tank can be paired with accessories to make any look look simple yet cute. You can never go wrong with having them in your closet, because some days you just want to be able to throw on a tank with a pair of shorts or a skirt and go, and a simple tank top allows for that.


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Maxi Dress

I live in maxi dresses all summer long. They’re perfect for hot days because they are airy and comfortable. It’s almost like a trick because you may look like you are all dressed up but really you’re very comfortable and look cute(a win win!)


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Summer Bag

Summer bags are the best bags in my opinion. There are so many different options for you to chose from. Unlike fall and winter where the colors are darker, I definitely like more light colored pieces, which is perfect for summer.


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Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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