How a Girly Girl Styles a Leather Jacket

As a girly girl I have plenty of feminine pieces in my closet, but I do have a few edgy pieces as well. One that I wear quite often is my leather jacket. I love my leather jacket especially during the spring time because it’s always good to layer when the weather is so unpredictable. Though a leather jacket can bring a bit of edge to your outfit, I still manage to have my girly girl personality show through. Down below I’m going to be sharing 5 outfits that I’d wear paired with a leather jacket!

Outfit #1

Leather Jacket // Dress // Slingbacks // Earrings

Outfit #2

Leather Jacket // Dress // Mules // Earrings

Outfit #3

Leather Jacket // Jumpsuit // Slingbacks // Earrings

Outfit #4

Leather Jacket // Dress // Flats // Earrings

Outfit #5

Leather Jacket // Top // Skirt // Slingbacks // Earrings

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