An Accessory I’m Bringing Back in 2018

An Accessory I’m Bringing Back in 2018

Hi everyone! I’ve been loooving headbands lately, their my new favorite accessory! My hair is curly so in the winter the air isn’t very good for my curls, so I find myself just throwing my hair up in a bun most of the time. I really like wearing headbands because it pulls all my hair back and makes it look so much nicer than if I just wore it completely down or up in a bun.

Blair Waldorf is also one of my style icons and she rocked headbands with almost every one of her looks, which makes me love them even more! Over the next couple months I’m definitely going to be stocking up on them! Down below I’m going to be sharing 10 headbands that I absolutely love!

Pink Velvet Headband // Black Velvet Headband // Pearl Headband // Bejeweled Double Headband // Black Floral Printed Headband // Teal Velvet Headband // Encrusted Crystal Headband // Daisy Crystal Rhinestone Headband // Black Bow Headband // Pink Floral Rhinestone Headband //

Thanks for reading ! Xoxo

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