One of My All-Time Favorite Accessories

One of My All-Time Favorite Accessories

Hi everyone! One of my all-time favorite accessories is statement earrings! I always find myself wearing more statement earrings with my outfits rather than just simple ones, especially if my outfit doesn’t have much going on in it. I think statement earrings are so fun to wear with any outfit, and they really complete it! Today I’m going to share with you all some of my favorite statement earrings right now!



Black Flower Earrings // Metal and Glass Earrings // Bejeweled Earrings with Fringe // Faux Pearl Earrings with Fringe // Bead Earrings // Circular Pink Earrings //



Pink Tassel Earrings // Pink/Ruby Colored Tassel Earrings // Long Silver Earrings //



Staycation Gold Star Earrings // Joppie Gold Earrings // Mauve Sonia Tassel Earrings // Grey Fringe Earrings // Triple Tier Chandelier Earrings // Pink Multi Colored Tassel Bunch Earrings //



Aravis Cascading Crystal Earrings // Arabelle Pearl Bauble Hoop Earrings // Blue Ginny Tassel Earrings // Red Fan Statement Earrings // Gold Daniah Tassel Earrings // Rose Gold Circle Tassel Earrings //

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