New York City!!!

New York City!!!
     A few days ago I went to New York with my friends Kristin, Kelty, and Gabrielle and it was sooo much fun! It was 70 degrees out, so it was a perfect day to walk around the city and go shopping. I wore a faux fur scrunchie in my hair, a white turtleneck, leather skirt, and sparkly booties. Everything I wore is from Forever 21 except my purse which is from Michael Kors. Last time I visited the city I made a bad shoe choice and my feet were in so much pain, and you would think this time I would wear comfortable shoes….wrong hahaha. I’ve worn these booties so much and thought I had them broken in, but after walking three miles the bottom of my feet were killing me; when we got in the car that night I took off my shoes and I had huge blisters on the bottom of my feet. I’ll be walking on my toes the next few days until the blisters heal hahahaha.
     But, walking around the city on a beautiful day like this was so nice. We saw so many people out walking their cute dogs! We parked near Times Square and walked to Soho to go shopping. I bought a cute skirt from Topshop and a pair of sunglasses from Forever 21. After walking all the way to Soho and shopping we were too tired to walk back to the car, so we took the subway to Times Square. I had never seen Times Square at night so it was really cool to see all the lights.



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